When The Uber Driver Fails To Provide Safe Service

As personal injury attorneys at Gonzalez, Tullio & Blache, LLC, many of the cases we take on involve car crashes. In the past couple of years, the number of crashes and incidents in New Jersey that involve Uber drivers has risen significantly. If you were injured in an event that involved an Uber driver, we can help. We offer a free case evaluation for rideshare victims of crimes and crashes. Call 732-832-3226 and speak with one of our attorneys.

Why An Uber Accident Is Different

Being injured in an accident with a driver for a rideshare company (such as Uber and its competitor Lyft) is different than being in a collision with a driver who is not on the job. Because these rideshare companies are operating a business, they are required to carry substantial liability policies on their drivers (typically $1.5 million). This does not mean that they will not put up a fight, deny liability or present a lowball settlement offer. This is why it is crucial to have skilled legal representation on your side. You need to understand what your injury and claim are truly worth. As seasoned car accident attorneys, we have the experience and know-how to pursue the compensation you deserve.

When Is The Uber Driver’s Insurance Policy Active?

Once you log into the Uber app and the driver accepts the fare, you are engaged in the transaction. Therefore, you need not be in the car for you to be considered a passenger. The policy is active while the driver is on the way to collect you. This is different than a typical New Jersey driver’s “no-fault” insurance. As trial attorneys who handle several types of personal injury claims, we offer seasoned guidance on the process.

Was Your Uber Driver Negligent?

Every accident is different and can cause different types of injuries. It is vital to determine both negligence (doing something that causes injury) and liability (being the responsible party). There are many behaviors that are considered negligent by Uber drivers. These include reckless driving, speeding and ignoring traffic signals. Other blatant indications of driver negligence involve:

  • The Uber driver failing to stop at a RR crossing, stop sign or red light
  • The Uber driver texting, using a computer or driving while distracted
  • The Uber driver using drugs or driving while under the influence
  • The Uber driver driving aggressively
  • The Uber driver not paying attention to the driving conditions

Not sure if what happened qualifies as a personal injury claim? We can help. Call us at 732-832-3226 to set up your free consultation with us. We can also help if the crash involved a delivery vehicle or semi truck.

Let’s Talk About Your Uber Ride Injury

Because not all injuries are immediately evident, it’s important to be checked out by a medical doctor as soon as possible after any collision. Whenever possible, accept the ambulance ride to the hospital. This ensures documentation of the event and will work to help your claim, should you decide to file. We also offer a free case consultation for those injured in an Uber-related crash or event. Reach our team at 732-832-3226 or use this online form. We help people injured in rideshare car and vehicle accidents in Middlesex County and throughout Central New Jersey. Hablamos español.