Understanding Liability In Dog Bite Cases

After you or a loved one suffers a dog bite, it can be hard to know what to do next. Many people do not take action because they believe that the animal was only protecting a toy or food, or the animal made a mistake. Some people are hesitant to call a lawyer because they do not want to sue “a friend.”

Sadly myths about dog bites abound. Be sure to understand your rights, the true extent of the damage, the cost of the reconstructive surgery or surgeries, and how insurance plays a significant role in these cases. At Elias & Gonzalez, LLC, we are prepared to offer immediate assistance. Get answers to your questions. Your consultation is always free. Call us at 732-832-3226.

Do Dogs Get One Free Bite?

No. Every situation is different, but no dog that causes serious injury while unprovoked will be allowed one “free bite.” In your free consultation with us, we will carefully go over the details of what happened with you, assess the strict liability of the event and let you know if you have a case and what you can expect moving forward. Always locate and contain the dog so that its rabies status can be verified.

Who Am I Really Suing?

Dog owners are responsible for their pets. Unless a person is trespassing or attacking the dog, the owner is liable. People who own houses typically have homeowner’s insurance. This insurance covers injuries that happen in the home. When we take your dog bite case, we will aggressively pursue this avenue of compensation. The attorneys at Elias & Gonzalez, LLC have extensive experience with personal injury issues, including years working in insurance defense on claims of property damage and catastrophic bodily injury. We are prepared to take on your case right away.

What If My Child Was Bit In The Face?

Dog bites are unusual in way that they are typically puncture wounds. These are more difficult to treat. A dog’s mouth and teeth are full of bacteria that can cause infection in a wound. Faces have tender, highly innervated tissue. Damage to this tissue can result in paralysis, scarring and make it difficult for the child to speak or eat. Many of these injuries require multiple surgeries. Any dog bite to the face is a medical emergency.

Always get the dog checked for rabies or initiate the rabies vaccine right away after a bite to the face. Rabies shots need to happen as soon as possible and always within 72 hours. The rabies vaccine is a course of three shots in the arm (the deltoid). These shots are far less painful than they used to be and are nearly 100% effective. Call ahead to ensure the shot is available.

Dog bite and animal attack injuries require the guidance of an attorney who understands New Jersey personal injury cases and law.

Typical Dog Bite Injuries

A person can be bitten anywhere on the body by a dog. While bites that do not break the skin are less serious, any attack can cause severe emotional distress. We can help and provide guidance no matter what the injury. The most common injuries we see with dog bites are:

  • Puncture wounds – these need to be cleaned by a medical professional
  • Face, hands, leg and ankle injuries
  • Cuts and tearing of the skin
  • Bruising
  • Broken bones
  • Infections of the wound
  • Rabies – always contain the animal or get the rabies vaccine right away
  • Head, face and scalp injuries which frequently require numerous stitches by a plastic surgeon

If you are unsure of whether or not you have a case, it is better to call and ask, rather than wait and wonder. We are here to help. You are not bothering us. We understand how scary this is, and we’re happy to answer your questions.

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Always seek medical attention right away after a dog or animal bite. The wound will need to be cleaned by a doctor or nurse to make sure that no infection happens. Puncture wounds are very prone to infection and can cause sepsis. Always contain the animal and have it checked. If you cannot find the animal, get the rabies shots. Rabies is 100% fatal all the time.

Once you see a doctor, it is in your best interest to speak with a personal injury attorney about your rights. Call our New Jersey office at 732-832-3226 or connect with us via our online form. Serving dog bite clients in Middlesex County and throughout Central New Jersey. Hablamos español.