When A Lyft Driver Makes A Serious Mistake

As personal injury attorneys at Gonzalez, Tullio & Blache, LLC, the majority of the cases we take on involve car crashes. As the ridership of Lyft has increased significantly in recent years, so have the number of injuries and accidents. If you were injured in an event that involved a Lyft driver, we can help. Get a free case evaluation by calling 732-832-3226. Speak with one of our attorneys to find out what we can do for you.

Why Being In A Lyft Accident Is Different

Drivers for rideshare companies, such as Lyft and Uber, have different insurance coverage. Because the drivers are working for a large company, the insurance they have tends to be greater (typically $1.5 million) and can cover more events. While this does mean that the driver will have good coverage, it also means that there are savvy attorneys working for the insurance company. This is why whenever you are involved in any type of altercation, crime or vehicular accident with a Lyft driver, you will want to seek your own legal counsel.

Am I Required To Have An Attorney?

No. You are not required by law to have a lawyer, but because you may have to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation, having your own counsel is generally in your best interest. We are experienced car accident attorneys, and we will thoroughly assess your case. Then, we will negotiate on your behalf (a settlement out of court) or pursue a lawsuit (in court with a judge and potentially a jury).

Suing Lyft For Economic And Other Damages

We work to determine both negligence (doing something that causes injury) and liability (being the responsible party). If your Lyft driver was drunk, speeding, distracted or reckless and this caused an accident and injuries, it is very likely that you have a valid claim for compensation. We will determine what to pursue, but generally speaking in motor vehicle accidents, we pursue:

  • All of your medical bills including prescriptions, therapy and equipment
  • All of your therapy including chiropractic, physical and home health care
  • All of your surgery costs
  • The loss of your personal property
  • Your lost wages
  • Your pain and suffering

We know that it is not always easy to tell if you have a claim. This is why we offer a completely free consultation. We will answer your questions and let you know how we can help and what to expect. Call us at 732-832-3226. If your accident involved a delivery vehicle or semi truck, we are also able to help.

Let’s Talk About What To Do After A Lyft Accident

Not all injuries, including head and internal injuries, are obvious. Only a medical professional can determine the true extent of your injuries. After you see a doctor, call us to find out what steps to take next. You can reach us at 732-832-3226 or by using our online form. We help people injured in rideshare accidents throughout Middlesex County and across Central New Jersey. Hablamos español.