Know When To Fight A Traffic Charge

At Gonzalez, Tullio & Blache, LLC, we understand that you need to drive for your work, school, and family. You may be wondering if you should fight a traffic violation. The answer is yes. Fighting a ticket can prevent a significant hike in your insurance premiums, help you avoid both heavy fines and points on your license. Getting a violation or ticket reduced or dismissed can, in some cases, preserve your driving privileges. Call Gonzalez, Tullio & Blache, LLC, for a free consultation at 732-832-3226.

Five Reasons To Hire An Attorney

While there are many reasons to hire an attorney to fight a traffic violation, here are the most compelling:

  1. You are at risk of losing your CDL or another professional driving license. If driving is a part of your job, there is too much at stake to not have professional legal counsel, support and representation.
  2. You are charged with leaving the scene of an accident. This charge can be either a traffic violation or a criminal charge. A criminal charge is serious and the consequences can include fines of up to $2,000, a prison sentence of up to five years, points on your license and a suspended license.
  3. There is much to know about New Jersey law that cannot be learned on the fly or in a day. An attorney who practices traffic and criminal defense law will develop a strategy and be able to use solid defenses that stand up in court.
  4. There may be options that you do not know of, such as plea bargains or getting reduced charges. An attorney with a strong background in handling traffic violations will know when to employ these defense tactics.
  5. An attorney can represent you in court. This may mean that you do not have to go to court if it would be a hardship for you. In some cases, your appearance is required. This will show on the citation as “court appearance required.” In this case, your attorney will accompany you and speak on your behalf.

Protect Your Rights And Driving Privileges

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