Keeping Your Future In Mind After A DUI Arrest

Most of us have met a friend for happy hour, been to a work celebration, or attended a party and had a drink and then gotten in our car to drive home. So many things can affect how the alcohol shows up in our bloodstream that we may in fact feel fine, but still fail the breath test.

When arrested for a DUI, so much is at stake. License loss, higher insurance, jail and motor vehicle surcharges are all potential penalties when charges with a DUI. We are here to help. After a DUI arrest or drug charges, the first thing to do is get good legal representation. Call Elias & Gonzalez, LLC, at 732-832-3226 for a free DUI consultation.

Tough Defense When You Need It Most

Every case is different as the circumstances and evidence in each case may vary. We offer a robust DUI defense and are strategic in our approach. Depending on the particulars of your case, the attorneys at Elias & Gonzalez, LLC may:

  • Investigate the validity of the breathalyzer results.
  • Question the actions the police took: Were they legal? Did they follow protocol? Were your constitutional rights violated?
  • Question whether your rights were clearly explained.
  • Determine whether a medical condition could have influenced the test results.
  • Challenge known issues with the field sobriety test.

So much is on the line for you after a DUI arrest. It can affect your job, your education, your reputation and even your ability to parent.

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