Injured While Walking Or Biking In New Jersey? We Can Help.

Pedestrians and cyclists can get hit in a split second. Whether a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle strikes you, these incidents can leave you with severe and, in some cases, permanent injuries. When insurance companies refuse to cover the damages, you may feel anxious about how you will afford your medical bills and time away from work.

At Gonzalez, Tullio & Blache, LLC, we explore every available option to help injured pedestrians and bicyclists get the compensation they need for medical expenses, lost income, lost earning capacity, physical rehabilitation and more.

Understanding Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents

A pedestrian accident or bicycle accident is any incident where someone driving a car, truck, motorcycle or another type of motor vehicle hits someone walking, running or biking. There are multiple ways vehicles can hit a pedestrian or cyclist like you, including by:

  • Turning left into you
  • Turning right into you
  • Backing up into you
  • Colliding head-on with you
  • Running over you

If a driver hit you, seek legal counsel as soon as possible. For a free initial consultation, please call us in Monroe Township or Perth Amboy at 732-832-3226 or complete our contact form. We represent clients throughout New Jersey.

What Is The Main Cause Of Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents?

Driver negligence is often the main cause of these types of accidents. Drivers in New Jersey have a legal duty of care to pedestrians and anyone else they share the road with. Drivers are ignoring this duty of care when they:

  • Turn right on a crosswalk without looking
  • Drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Fail to stop at a stop sign
  • Don’t check their blind spots
  • Engage in distracted driving (texting, talking, eating, drinking, applying makeup, etc.)
  • Open their car door without looking for cyclists
  • Brake check when someone, especially a cyclist, is behind them

All of these behaviors can result in an accident. In some cases, motorists may even try to flee the scene, especially if driving under the influence. Hit-and-runs are illegal in New Jersey, so if this happens to you, contact authorities immediately.

Seek Help From An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If a motor vehicle hits you while you are walking, running or biking, seek immediate medical care and call us at 732-832-3226 or complete our contact form to set up a free consultation.