5 pieces of PPE to reduce construction site injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Personal Injury

Personal protective equipment cannot prevent all injuries on a construction site, but it can seriously reduce the risks of injury,

While employers often provide this equipment, it is up to employees to wear and maintain appropriate use of the equipment when the work environment requires it. The following items of PPE can help prevent injuries on a construction site.

1. Hard hats

Head protection can keep flying or falling objects from hitting your head while working. Hard hats are also able to protect your head from electric shock.

2. Head protection

Hard hats protect workers from falling and flying objects to prevent striking head injuries. They also insulate from electric shock. A cracked or damaged hard hat requires replacing because it allows for injury.

3. Hand protection

On a construction site, the hands face exposure to multiple tools or materials that cause injury. Protective equipment like gloves should address dangers from cuts, lacerations, chemical spills, burns and more.

4. Face and eye protection

Hazards flying around the worksite could cause damage to the eyes or face. Potential hazards include acids, molten metal, wood or metal shavings, vapors and other airborne particles. Safety eyewear, goggles and face shields are common PPE items on a construction site.

5. Hearing protection

The continual exposure to elevated noise levels from equipment or machinery on a job site can cause hearing loss. Protection for the ears includes earplugs fitted inside the ear or earmuffs worn over the head.

PPE is vital for protecting the body when on the construction site. Ensure your equipment is well-fitting and worn properly to provide complete protection.