What are the important photos I should take after a car crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Car Accidents

The sound of screeching brakes was all it took for you to know that your car was about to get pummeled. You were in your car and on your way to pick up your child at school, when another driver blew through a red light, smashing into your vehicle.

As long as you are physically able to do so, you must promptly act to gather information and evidence. With smartphone in hand, you understand that it is time to take photos stemming from the crash. But what are the important areas to concentrate on?

Vehicle damage, surrounding area and victim injuries

In gathering evidence to support your case, here are some of the important photos you should take:

  • Vehicle damage: Take photos of your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle as well as any broken glass, debris and broken car parts such as detached bumpers, fenders and doors.
  • Accident scene and surrounding area: This includes the roadway and damage to any surrounding structures such as trees, fences, roadway signs, buildings and homes. Include photos of street signs, homes and businesses. Homeowners and businesses may have security cameras in place, potentially providing footage of the collision.
  • Skids marks in the roadway: This may provide proof that the other driver was speeding, stopped suddenly or was driving too fast for conditions.
  • Nearby traffic lights and road signs: This may prove that the other driver blew through a traffic light or ignored a stop sign or yield sign. In addition, some traffic lights include cameras, so the city may have footage of the crash.
  • Information on the other driver: This would include the license plate and proof of insurance.
  • Victims and their bodily injuries: Include photos of anyone injured. Make sure to take close-up shots of the person’s injuries
  • Weather conditions: Weather conditions may have contributed to the accident. Wet, snowy and icy surfaces may make it difficult for a driver to maneuver. You will gain a good sense of road conditions, too.

But while you are taking and planning the photos, make sure to seek out witnesses. Talk to them, find out what they saw, get their statements  and exchange information, including your phone number and name. Also, take a photo of the witness if they are agreeable.

Take a series of photos

Documenting the details of your car collision is critical and should include taking a series of photos. This is the evidence that just may help you secure significant compensation from the other driver.