What charges can people face related to fentanyl?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Fentanyl is a synthetic drug with powerful pain management effects. Doctors may prescribe fentanyl for the pharmaceutical treatment of cancer patients, but it is a dangerous controlled substance that average civilians should not possess.

Unsupervised use of fentanyl can lead to serious respiratory issues and even death. The illegal possession of fentanyl comes with steep consequences, and you should understand the gravity of the situation if you find yourself faced with an accusation of this particular drug offense.

Wrongful possession of fentanyl

Fentanyl is a Schedule II controlled substance, the possession of which comes with up to 5 years in prison and as much as a $35,000 fine in accordance with New Jersey statutes. When possession of fentanyl becomes a federal offense, it entails a mandatory maximum sentence of 40 years. Law enforcement may deem a crime to be a federal offense if it crosses state lines or occurs on federal property.

Possession of fentanyl with intent to distribute

Law enforcement may believe that you have the intent to distribute a controlled substance in your possession if they catch you during a transaction or even if you possess a particularly large volume of drugs. New Jersey courts may demand a fine of up to $75,000 as part of a possession with intent to distribute charge. Federal drug statutes imply a possibility of life in prison for a distribution charge tried in federal courts.

Fentanyl-related charges can shake the foundation of your life. However, you and your legal advocates can build a defense that gives you the best chance at protecting your freedoms.