Why are construction zones so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

During the summer, we often see a sharp rise in road construction projects across New Jersey. With the increase in these projects and how dramatically they can affect drivers, now is a good time to remind readers why they are dangerous and what you can do to protect yourself from a crash.

Confusion and changes in traffic patterns

Regardless of how extensive a project might be, road construction can create a lot of confusion. Changes in traffic patterns, interpreting signage and navigating lane shifts and changes can be incredibly complicated.

Even if you know what to do in these zones, other drivers can easily get confused and make mistakes, so it can be wise to leave space and drive defensively.

People and equipment

Construction zones often have huge vehicles and machines on-site and workers operating them. While an area should be marked off with construction barrels and barriers, motorists can still get into an accident if they enter a restricted area or fail to see construction workers or equipment.

Further, trucks and other vehicles may need to use the road, which can cause delays or sudden stops. And workers may need to control traffic, which can put them at risk of getting hit by other vehicles.

Angry, frustrated motorists

Road construction is a common source of headaches for motorists. It can seem never-ending, and it might look like nothing is happening on a site. Add in the delays and detours, and it is not uncommon for some drivers to lose their cool.

In these zones, drivers can become aggressive or reckless; they can drive too fast or follow others too closely. Be aware of these drivers and steer clear of them if you can do so safely.

Protecting yourself and others in work zones

When you are driving this summer, be mindful of these hazards. It can also be crucial to be patient and stay calm, even when it seems like the construction will ruin your trip. After all, being late is better than getting a ticket or winding up in the hospital. 

Other ways you can avoid a crash on a road under construction include:

  • Paying attention
  • Slowing down
  • Opting for alternate routes
  • Giving yourself more time than you think

These tips can help you and the people around you stay safe in work zones this summer.