Most dangerous roads: New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

New Jersey sits close to the middle of the statistics for traffic accidents by state. It ranks 24th for fatal car accidents out of 50 states. Long commutes and distracted drivers are the leading causes of accidents in the state.

There are several dangerous roads in New Jersey that you should avoid if possible.

US-30 between Stratford Ave. and Marshall Ave.

In 4.7 miles, there are approximately two crashes per mile, and nearly all of them are fatal. This makes this section of US-30 the deadliest stretch of road in New Jersey.

I-95 around the Vince Lombardi Area

From Florida to Maine, it is no secret that I-95 is one of the deadliest roads in almost every state it crosses through. New Jersey is not an exception. The Vince Lombardi Service Area is the deadliest stretch of I-95 in New Jersey, with approximately two accidents in 4.2 miles. Many of them are fatal.

US-1 between Garden St. to the I-78 exit

US-1 is also considered one of the more dangerous roads in America, perhaps due to its length. This particular stretch of US-1 has an impressive 2.2 accidents in approximately 4 miles. Again the majority of these car crashes are fatal.

SR-27 between Carolyn Ter. and Seminary Ave.

SR-27 has approximately three crashes per mile within this 3.3 miles. Most of these crashes are fatal.

Although avoiding these stretches of road might not be possible, you can avoid becoming one of these statistics by practicing safe driving methods and being aware of the drivers around you.