6 injuries or conditions caused by shattered glass from car crash

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Car Accidents

The collision was unavoidable. The other car abruptly crossed the center line. You did what you could to prevent a full head-on crash, swerving to the right, but it was not enough.

The impact led your car to careen to the side and roll over several times as shattered glass from the windshield, windows and sunroof were propelled in your direction. Not surprisingly, that glass was the cause of your most serious injuries.

Loss of limbs and spinal cord injury

Shattered glass may lead to an assortment of injuries. Pieces may imbed in your face and torso, and shards may penetrate parts of your body, severing arteries lading to severe blood loss. Major glass-related injuries may include:

  • Severe lacerations: Deep cuts may cause damage to the muscles and tissue, severing arteries and damaging internal organs including the heart, lung, spleen and liver. Disfigurement is possible.
  • Loss of limbs: Large shards of glass may penetrate the muscle tissue and bone, potentially causing severe damage to legs and arms. In some instances, amputation may be necessary to save a person’s life.
  • Eye injuries: The permanent loss of vision is possible, and so is extensive scarring.
  • Traumatic brain injury: Striking your head against the thick glass of a windshield may lead to major head trauma with injuries such as brain bleeds and skull fractures
  • Shock: With the tremendous loss of blood, your body may go into shock and your internal organs may shut down.
  • Spinal cord injury: Glass splinters from a windshield may enter you body, damaging your spinal cord, potentially leading to paralysis.

The list of injuries varies, and all of them may dramatically change your life.

Focus on recovery

Please do not take lightly injuries caused by shattered glass in a car crash. Permanent and fatal injuries are possible. Overcoming them will prove challenging, but perseverance can help you toward recovery.