What steps must I take after an accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Car Accidents

What must you do after being involved in a motor vehicle crash? This is a major question that has plenty of answers – each having crucial importance pertaining to your health and outcome of the case.

Of course, if you sustain injuries, get medical treatment. But you also need to complete other steps such as gathering details pertaining to the crash and contacting your insurance company. You do this for protection.

Exchange information with other driver

If involved in a motor vehicle collision, here are some important things to do:

  • Determine whether anyone is injured: This might be you, your passengers, the other driver as well as any bystanders. Contact emergency responders by calling 911 for law enforcement and emergency responders.
  • Get yourself and your vehicle to safety: If you are able to move your car out of the way of a busy street and to the side of the road, do so.
  • Get medical treatment: Whether serious or minor injuries surface, you need medical attention. Minor injuries may not be minor as you may experience a delayed injury symptom for something more serious such as internal bleeding.
  • Exchange information with the other driver: Get the person’s name, contact information, driver’s license, proof of insurance and policy number, license plate and the type of vehicle. Do not talk about the crash, especially who was responsible.
  • Gather information at the crash scene: With your smartphone, take photos of the damage to the vehicles and property, the crash scene and surrounding area. Seek statements and contact information from witnesses who saw the crash. Also, obtain the identity and badge number of the investigating law enforcement officer.
  • Call your insurance company: Make sure to file an accident report with your insurance agent and provide him or her with details about the crash. If a representative of the other driver contacts you, do not discuss anything. The other insurance company may try to trick you into providing a statement that harms your case. It also may give a lowball offer for a settlement.

You protect yourself and your case by following these steps.

Take the right measures

It is important to look out for yourself after a motor vehicle crash. The above steps will provide support for your case, especially if you have sustained injuries. By taking the right measures and precautions, you may fend off outside parties attempting to trip you up.